About us

At Teesside University Sports Injury Centre we believe that everyone should have access to the type of treatment that usually only full-time professional athletes receive. We ensure that all clients receive the best possible treatment relevant to their condition by providing treatments at a variety of locations around the Tees Valley area.

We are specifically concerned with the prevention of injury and rehabilitation of patients back to optimum functional levels. We work with people from all backgrounds, from boxers and elite athletes to hairdressers, plumbers and accountants.

Book a session now:
Initial consultation £38.00 duration up to 60 minutes; Sessions thereafter £38 per hour or £28 per half hour. Contact our clinics direct. Each session includes examination and assessment, treatment and rehabilitation programme.

Alternatively book for a sports massage:
A full body massage for £38 for 60 mins, or £28 for a leg or back/neck and shoulders massage.

It is advisable that you bring a pair of shorts to your initial assessment, particularly if you have a lower back or leg complaint.

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