Hip and groin pain

Hip pain can be confusing because there are many causes, including referred pain from the low back and leg. It is important that an accurate diagnosis of the cause of your symptoms is made, so that appropriate treatment can be provided. Some causes of hip pain are:


Arthritis is a common cause of hip pain, various treatment options are available.

Adductor muscle strain

This injury is common in sports that involve sudden changes of direction. Usually the onset is sudden, with very localised pain and tenderness.
Trochanteric bursitis
This condition is common in long-distance runners. Pain is localised to the lateral hip but may radiate down the outside of the leg. Activities that involve hip movement, such as climbing stairs and getting out of a car, usually aggravate the pain.

Snapping hip

In this condition certain movements can cause a snapping noise in the hip region. The two most common causes of this condition are when the tensor fascia latae muscle slides over the greater trochanter; the second cause is when the hip flexor tendons pass over the hip joint. Treatment normally involves rest combined with soft tissue mobilisation and stretching of the involved tissues to help recovery.


Hernias occur in athletes as often as in the general population. Pain can be localised to the groin and typically present with increased discomfort or pain on coughing or sneezing.

Lumbar Pain – referred pain to the groin

Many lower back and pelvic conditions can cause referred pain into the hip and groin regions. If examination of the hip/groin fails to offer any indication of cause of pain, examination will be expanded to include the lower back and sacroiliac regions.

All sports injuries are treated at one of our local clinics. Treatment can include sports massage, soft tissue mobilisations, knee joint mobilisation techniques, ultrasound and exercise therpy.