I was searching on the Internet for some physiotherapy and came across Teesside Sports Injury Clinic and found the information regarding the Sports Therapists who work for them first class. That is why I chose to see Lyndsey Ross, she specialises in spinal problems as I am suffering from the onset of arthritis in the spine and have found the therapy has worked wonders. The exercises I have been given as well keep me going daily. I would highly recommend Teesside Sports Injury Clinic and Lyndsey.
Steven Webb

I first visited Pippa with a chronic calf problem which had severely limited my running for years. Two months and some deep tissue manipulation later it was no longer affecting my running and within 3 months it no longer crossed my mind.

My second major injury was my left hip. Pippa treated the piriformis, hamstrings and surrounding areas and diagnosed the problem as a Labral Tear and Sportsman’s hernia. She kindly wrote a letter for further investigation in June 2014 but unfortunately this was ignored. Finally eight months later, an x-ray and MRI scan I’ve finally been diagnosed as having a Labral tear and yes, you guessed it, a sportsman’s hernia. I am now under three NHS specialists awaiting surgical intervention.

I still see Pippa on occasions where she applies joint mobilisations to keep the range of movement I have and deep tissue massage to the legs to allow me to exercise as much as possible. She knows I will not rest.

I’d have no hesitation at all recommending Pippa and the rest of the Teesside Sports Injury team; it’s all that’s kept me moving over the past year.

Jim Beauchamp
Runner, Cyclist, Triathlete

I started seeing Lucy when a recurring injury really started to get in the way of my performance. Lucy helped me get to the bottom of the underlying cause of why I wasn’t getting any better and put it right. I’m now injury free and have never felt better, I owe this seasons personal best race time to Lucy and her proactive injury management. Thank you.

A very professionally run clinic, which not only supports and aids my rehabilitation but is also welcoming and friendly. At 36 I recently sustained a serious Achilles tendon injury which with the full support of Lucy has enabled me to once again come back from injury to be playing football again. It’s a shame I only see Lucy when I am injured.
Jonathan Newton

Lucy has helped me begin to overcome a chronic injury which had persisted for years until I went to the clinic to see her for treatment and advice. She gave me exercises to do at home and advice for managing the injury. I am now getting back to sailing pain free and beginning to build my fitness again to return to rugby.
Stephen Brown

I am a former professional Ice hockey player who suffers from soreness and stiff back from a surgery (prolapsed disc) which was performed more than 20 years ago. I contacted the clinic about 2 years ago for treatments to alleviate the stiffness and soreness in my back. The weekly and bi-weekly treatments (depending on the soreness) that I received are very important in me being able to maintain an active lifestyle. I play golf and tennis every week and the support and treatment I receive at the clinic makes sure that I am able to participate in these sports regularly. I would definitely recommend to anybody (athletes, ex-athletes) who are still very active and suffer from a few aches and pains to attend the clinic for treatments.
Andre Malo

Denis was involved with the Velo29 Cycling Team during the 2012 and 2013 road cycling season where we competed in the top UK races. During treatment I found Denis to be extremely thorough and knowledgeable in all aspects of his treatment. I found his skills and treatments highly beneficial which kept me in top form for the duration of a long hard season.
Chris Mark

I had been suffering from a long episode of sciatica, resulting in constant pain and poor standing tolerance and I was beginning to avoid everyday activities because of my mobility and pain. I had been referred to physiotherapy and prescribed anti- inflammatories and amitriptyline to cope with the nerve pain but neither provided any long term benefit. Whilst waiting for an MRI scan a friend recommended the Teesside Sports Injury Clinic and specifically Pippa at Stokesley Leisure Centre.

Following a thorough functional assessment I then saw Pippa for 3 treatment sessions and quickly gained better control over my pain levels and mobility. With exercise and remedial massage treatments I was able to reduce my medication and am now off it completely. My standing tolerance returned and I no longer have to avoid activities or situations for fear or pain. I now see Pippa on an occasional basis to keep on top of symptoms and to avoid another acute flare up of the condition.

A fantastic local, convenient service, at affordable prices. Many thanks.

Jennifer Williams

Teesside University

Teesside Sports Injury Centre has a contract with Teesside University to provide assessment and treatment for work related musculoskeletal problems. Anne Richardson, who runs the Occupational Health Department commented:

“The Sports Injury Clinic helps enormously in the rehabilitation of University staff members absent from work with musculoskeletal problems, facilitates early return to work and prevents ongoing sickness absence. The Clinic is on campus therefore staff do not have to leave site to attend for treatment which reduces time away from the workplace to attend for treatment. However the main benefit is that staff feel cared for and valued by this extra means of support.

The University has provided this service for two years and all who have attended have provided feedback, all of which was excellent. One client stated his life had now changed forever due to the skills and knowledge of the Sports Injury Team”.

North Riding Volleyball Club

Teeside Sports Injury Centre have linked up with North Riding Volleyball Club, providing treatment and rehabilitation for injuries to all club members. Treatment sessions are held at Stokesley Leisure Centre on Wednesday evening. Contact Anthony Laffan at NRVC for more details.

Billingham Town Football Club Junior Section

Teesside Sports Injury Centre have linked up with Billingham Athletic Football Club Junior Section. All registered members of the Junior section can attend our Billingham clinic for treatment and rehabilitation of injuries. Contact your Team Manager for for information of times and discounts available