Teesside Sports Injury Centre believes that everyone should have access to the type of treatment that usually only full-time professional athletes receive. We ensure that all clients receive the best possible treatment relevant to their condition by providing treatments at a variety of locations around the Tees Valley area.

From injury to full fitness

We provide professional examination and assessment, treatment and rehabilitation from injury to full fitness. We will also offer advice to assist in avoiding re-occurrence of your condition.

We are not just for injuries

You do not have to be injured to benefit from our services, we work with many clients who are fit and seek continued expert advice to ensure they remain so.

A specialist feature of Teesside Sports Injury Centre is the ability to perform biomechanical analysis. This is sport specific and involves assessing muscle or skeletal imbalances with specialist equipment, to assist in rehabilitation and injury prevention.

We are not just for Athletes

Teesside Sports Injury Centre has treated and advised clients from all walks of life and age groups. We receive referrals from occupational health departments and medical companies to treat and rehabilitate people that have sustained musculoskeletal injuries in non sporting environments.

Contact us today and find out how we can help you at Teesside Sports Injury Centre.